2 years ago

Had a great time at the TimeOut party! Beautiful view and interesting outfits... Something to be said about your underwear matching your shoes, especially with such a complicated pattern to match

One time where being naked could have helped (GOT Spoiler)

Considering her history, I must say I think Melisandre may have been more confident had she been naked in the let's raise the dead scene. You can tell the writers departed from the books because in the books people die, you're shocked, endure powerful and painful paradigm shifts and the characters are forced to move on. What is this GOT brought to you by magical fairies?

Bored of Naked Melisandre...

Anyone else completely bored of seeing Melisandra (red witch) naked on #GameofThrones? It's like she gets the script and immediately starts disrobing and the producers say "it's cool you could keep you're clothes on for this scene" and she just says "nah, I think I'll do it naked... I'm going to give the people what they want". So bored of her being uselessly naked.

My dog and I feel the same way about my body

Miles found a bra of mine that's too big for me from back in the day when I was heavier and had bigger boobs. He chose not to chew it, but to snuggle up with it and fall asleep. I guess he feels the same way I do and misses my boobs. #dogandiareinsync

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