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7 months ago

Chocolate and raspberry cheesecake

Journey to Wales to stay at my girlfriends for a couple of days, Her mum makes a real effort to serve vegan food when I'm there and today she made chickpea sweet potato burgers for main and for dessert,.. This^ It was made with silken tofu and soy yoghurt with chocolate folded through and rasberrys and nuts in the base with a raspberry sauce drizzle too :) Was really really nice! Bless her :') Feel so welcome here it's lovely 😊

Virgin Trains

No food in the pic because quite frankly, virgin trains don't cater for vegans! Complementary food for vegans includes a bread roll or an apple apparently and that was only found out after looking it up for ages, the man pushing the cart just said 'no I don't think so' when I asked him if anything was vegan 🙃 Safe to say I sent an email to the complaints team for virgin travel ✌️ Ps: The coffee wasn't even nice 🙄

This was very nice!

All for £2.85 too! Might have stood around for a good twenty minutes waiting for this lady to do the reductions 🙈 Nourish bowl would still be worth the full price though 👌 Cumin was prevalent mind you, If that's what you're in to ✌️ Makes me want to try their other nourish bowl with black rice in bowl 😊


New Bounce Ball! Acquired from Wholefoods, flavour was alright, this was the most appealing flavour out of the 3/4 new ones. Unfortunately although it smelled strongly of cumin after I microwaved it for thirty seconds, it didn't taste much or complement the coconut all to well. Wouldn't buy again. Anyone tried any of the new ones? All vegan and high(er) in protein 💪

I used to love this stuff whilst working at Starbucks! Keep up the great work and good luck with exams ☺