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A present for...

So.. I decided to buy a birthday present for Rose. Apparently this is actually not suitable for a 4yo girl. I tried to persuade her mum that despite the instructions saying not to be used by person under 14, it would be fine. Turns out I was wrong, I crashed it on its first outing doing 22MPH into the side of our house and smashed up one of the oil shocks. Now leaving it up to Rose to fix...

2 years ago

Does anyone remember enjoying drinking...

This stuff was rank! Gave me a massive headache, but for some reason I insisted on drinking it between the ages of 17 & 19. What a fool I was! A trip down memory lane. #rank

I think Tim Minchin is very talented..

I remember the first time I saw this strange aussie chap waxing lyrical about the politics of science, efficacy of therapeutic treatments in clinical trials and meta-studies of various medical dictums that contradicted common beliefs. He then broke into song about canvas bags! I had to go and watch him live. That was about 6 years ago now, he's gone on to great successes. Kudos to him.

Book Club - June #2

As promised, the second in the series of Katy Collins travel books. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the first outing, so am quite looking forward to seeing if the second is as good. Will let you know.

32 mm Manila Rope - Patio Edging

I was looking for an edging that would cover the runoff gap around my new patio and the fences. The norm is to use pea shingle.. but I hate the stuff, and you're forever brushing it, as it gets everywhere. I had a thought, being close to the beach I decided to go for a nautical theme. I bought some manila rope 32 mil gauge, which slips in perfectly. I think it's finished it off nicely, and being water permeable allows the runoff. I think i'll apply for grand designs soon. I have about 20...See More

Book Club - June

For all those people who, like me, have persistent camper van dreams.. I recommend the new book by John Ahern. Provides an amusing insight into life on the road with kids, and the juxtaposition between life in the rat-race and life on the road.

No man should be without one....

My new tool. Even better, is that it shares the same battery specification as the impact driver, and multi-purpose drill, meaning no new batteries required! Jack-er-nack-er-nory !

Yates fails drugs test..

I'm not sure what is going on in sport at the moment, but whether it's tennis, cycling, boxing, football big names are failing tests left right and centre. Don't know if this is the fallout and crackdown since the athletics scandals? Whatever the cause and reasons behind the cheating or false positives it feels like sport is in a bad place right now.

La Manga...

Cant believe it was 2 years ago this week I won the FJS golf champs @lamanga. I don't say this to gloat (but I did) but to draw attention to the great few days of golf on both the North and South courses, great weather and cracking company! #lamanga

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